The Gospel goes full circle in a Sunday School class.

By December 14, 2005

Puerto Rico (MNN)–This is the story of the Gospel going full circle in Puerto Rico.

A church pastor was teaching an adult Sunday school class about evangelism, and the use of the Gospel of John as an effective way to get the point across.

As if to illustrate his point, a 65-year old woman in the class told her story. When she was 38, she had been diagnosed with terminal Hodgkin’s disease.

As she despaired for her family, she asked God to be with her during surgery, and to give her the opportunity to raise her children.

At that point, a pastor visited with her, shared the Gospel and gave her the Gospel of John. She read it and got curious. When another visitor came, she asked questions and gave her life to Christ.

At the conclusion of her testimony, the woman held up her copy of the Gospel of John. It was the original one given to her 27 years ago in the hospital. As it turns out, it was distributed by the Bible League.

Her testimony motivated the class to evangelize in their community. The pastor went on to say that in addition to his church duties, he is also the Director of the Bible League in Puerto Rico.

The story came at a time when he had been earnestly asking the Lord for encouragement. He needed to know if his work was making a difference. He concluded with this, “I am inspired to continue providing Scriptures and training in Puerto Rico through the Bible League.”

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