The Gospel is responsible for a positive change in a village in Ghana.

By November 10, 2003

Ghana (MNN) — It was a village that suffered economicly and spiritually. The crime rate was high. However, the Gospel is being credited with saving a small community in Ghana.

Oasis International’s Elvina Miller says they’ve established training schools that are teaching a trade, but also including Biblical instruction at the same time. “It was one of the most depressed villages,” says Miller. She says, “We see that people are changing. Not only the people, but he area. Thievery is declining all due to the Gospel.”

Miller says there is a waiting list for people who want to attend classes. She says that can only be helped with donations. She says, “Under the scholarship program we could teach a student for one semester for $100. Naturally the more finances we get, the more we can reach out.”

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