The Gospel is the only remedy to Chechen/Russian violence

By February 12, 2004

Russia (MNN) — The on-going violence between Chechen rebels and the Russian government isn’t coming to and end. In fact, it may be escalating with the Presidential Elections just one month away. The most recent explosion in a Russian subway killed at least 39 people and injured more than 100 others and it was link to Chechen rebels.

Russian Ministries Sergey Rakhuba says the only thing that’s going to change the situation is God’s word. Rakhuba says they’re working in the region. “Russian Ministries has three ministry training centers around Chechnya. Out of which we provide training, humanitarian aid, and support to those people who reach out to the Muslims and refugee camps.” Chechnya has been a hot bed for violence in recent years forcing many people to flee their homes.

This unrest is providing Russian ministries and other groups opportunities for outreach. That’s why Rakhuba says they’re holding a special seminar. “About 150 people are in training for the next three days to learn how to reach out to these people. How to help them, how to help them in their emotional struggles, how to reach out with the Gospel.”

Rukhuba says most Chechens are tired of the violence and want peace and are searching for it. That’s why they’re sharing the Gospel message of hope. “It’s exciting to see that people respond to this and then they want to be trained and they go back to their people and take the Gospel to their families,” says Rakhuba.

While President Vladimir Putin says the only solution is to destroy those responsible, Rakhaba knows otherwise. He says the Gospel is the only answer. He says prayer and financial support is needed to help facilitate this.

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