The HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa makes outreach more effective

By February 4, 2004

Tanzania (MNN) — Thousands of people in Africa are dying every day due to HIV/AIDS. The pandemic isn’t showing signs of improvement. The crisis is allowing the creation of Christian ministry in areas where it typically wouldn’t be allowed.

Compassion Ministries, an outreach of the Evangelical Free Church of America , is helping in Tanzania. Compassion’s Jim Snyder says their Africa area director is now teaching “True Love Waits” curriculum in a Muslim school in Tanzania. “We were surprised that we were invited to the very first one,” says Snyder. He says, “We anticipate a number of schools now, calling, asking us to participate in this because it’s a tremendously successful in just this one area.”

Snyder says the program is more than just an AIDS prevention program. Snyder says, “It’s one that very definitely touches on issues of not just morality, but scriptural principles on why one would wait for marriage in order to have any relationship with the opposite sex.”

This program is providing other opportunities to those teaching the program. “As he’s able to teach this (it) offers opportunities to minister through the local church to school leaders, to students,” says Snyder.

Prayer is needed for the program. He says, “Without prayer doors like this will never open.”

Funding is also needed to help make more of this type of outreach available.

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