The hope of Christ combats HIV in Swaziland.

By August 3, 2004

Swaziland (MNN)–Ranked second in the world for HIV infection rates, the future looks grim for Swaziland.

A recent BBC report quoted the CEO of NERCHA (National Emergency Response Committee on HIV and AIDS) as saying that Swaziland will be the first nation in the world to be extinct within the next 50 years due to the impact of HIV.

This summer, teams representing the Book of Hope went to this small kingdom armed with the hope of the Gospel. Once the children understand who Jesus is, team members explain how he has guidelines for people to live by and there are consequences to making the wrong choices.

They’re hoping all of the Book of Hope distribution last month will transform lives with the Gospel. Teams are looking forward to the launch of 50 new churches in four different provinces, using the Book of Hope as the foundational tool.

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