The Iraq hand-over is close, Christians ready

By June 25, 2004

Iraq (MNN) — Bomb attacks, threats of assassination, and executions. All of these events are coming ahead of the transfer of sovereignty from coalition forces to the Iraqi people. That event takes place June 30th. As this violence continues, it’s not getting in the way of ministry in Iraq.

“The terrorism is on the rise, they’re trying to disrupt the stability there. But, unbelievably the church is growing at an incredible rate,” says Vernon Brewer President of World Help. He says, “I met an Iraqi pastor who pastors a church of 500 in the middle of Baghdad, 200 baptized believers, 300 seekers.”

This pastor put a sign on the church that reads, ‘Jesus is the light of the world.’ According to Brewer the local Muslims put a sign over it saying, ‘Mohammad is the light of the world.’ He says that didn’t stop this pastor from ministering to them in love by providing medicines and other needed items. He also asked them some questions. “He asked them if they respected the Bible as Muslims and they said yes. And, he asked them if they believed Jesus was a prophet and they said yes. So, he turned in the New Testament to John 8:12 where Jesus says, ‘I am the light of the world.’ And, amazingly these militant Muslims apologized. They said, ‘we’re sorry, we respect you, we want to be your friends.’ It was a God moment.”

World Help is partnering with a network of 72 churches in Iraq to build a training center, children’s home for those orphaned by terrorist bombings, and to distribute New Testaments.

Brewer says the need for God’s word is great. “The Iraqi people love to read. They’ve asked us for more and more New Testaments. For a gift of $5 we can not only print a New Testament, but get it distributed.” World Help has already given away 75,000, but even more are needed.

Pray for World Help team members in Iraq. The New Testament distribution team was fired upon by militants. While they weren’t hit, it was a close call. Pray also that many Christians around the world will get involved and financially support this ministry.

If you would like more information about what World Help is doing in Iraq, they’re giving away a free DVD. You can receive a copy by calling 1-800-541-6691, or by requesting a copy at their web site

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