The lights stay on for a Christian ministry in the Dominican Republic.

By September 13, 2005

Dominican Republic (MNN)–Frequent blackouts are a way of life in the Dominican Republic.

The problem is, without electricity, radio ministry is difficult. For years, the blackouts resulted in a loss of production for the Trans World Radio staff.

They often last for hours at a time, shutting down studios, and leaving only computers running in the office. However, a generator and new studio equipment are now helping to sustain the ministry.

TWR raised $13,500 for the generator, which kicks in every time the city’s power goes out. With a reliable power supply in place, the team can keep producing the programs that are reaching thousands in the Americas.

New studio items included a CD duplicator, new computers, new microphones and a control board, among other things.

The station offers programming that helps train pastors who have not had formal theological training through the 15-minute Escuela Biblica program. The Caribbean Gospel Network also feeds TWR programs by CD and via the Internet to stations in the region.

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