The location of a Chinese house church leader is still unknown

By June 17, 2004

China (MNN)–Chinese house chuch leader Xu Shuangu’s whereabouts and condition are unknown and Chinese Christians fear for his life.

Xu was the leader of a controversial house church group in northeast China. He was arrested back in April and since then family members have been prevented from seeing him. The Voice of the Martyrs Canada sources report that the case against Xu has been handled as a national security case, rather than as a religious-affairs case. Authorities have even questioned villagers in Xu’s hometown in search for evidence against him.

If Xu is convicted of leading a so-called “Evil Cult,” he could face the death penalty. Xu has been arrested more than 20 times.

VOM is asking that the Chinese government publically state the charges against Xu and that his family be allowed to visit him in keeping with Chinese law. Christians around the world are also encouraged to write polite letters of protest on behalf of Pastor Xu.

Letters can be addressed to: Ambassador Yang Jiechi at [email protected]

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