The miracle of water brings hope to Darfur refugees.

By February 10, 2006

Sudan (MNN)–The strategy for bringing peace to Sudan’s Darfur crisis may be in shambles with a worsening humanitarian crisis.

United Nations’ peacekeeping forces are calling on Darfur’s warring parties to work together to avoid slipping back into absolute chaos.

Unfortunately, the pace of the peace talks in the Nigerian city of Abuja slowed to a crawl after divisions surfaced among the rebel groups doing the fighting.

But there are groups who aren’t waiting for total peace before acting. One such group is the Persecution Project Foundation. PPF’s Matt Chancey says they’re working with refugees who have fled from the war in Darfur into Southern Sudan.

“We have just completed four water wells in that area,” which is an accomplishment, considering the inclement weather that slowed them down earlier. Chancey adds that, “This is a project we started last summer, but, by God’s grace, we’ve been able to complete four wells and we’re continuing to dig another six.”

The well project is reaching nine thousand Muslim families in a very isolated and remote area. Several other humanitarian agencies were unsuccessful finding water in this remote wilderness region.

Chancey says when their group did, it opened a lot of doors for ministry because: “The people are treating that as a miracle so it’s actually an excellent opportunity for us to present these people with the necessities that they need, the food and water that they need to survive, but also the living water of Christ which will feed their souls.”

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