The need for more North American Missionaries is great, an organization is doing its part to help recruit.

By September 4, 2003

USA (MNN) — The need for full time missionaries is still great and the Finishers Project is doing all it can to recruit new workers.

Nelson Malwitz is with the Finishers Project. He says while there is a need for preachers and teachers, needs also exist in computer, administration and construction. Malwitz says they’re holding a Finishers Forum October 24th and 25th in Charlotte, North Carolina to help recruit. “There will be about 30 or 40 mission agencies represented there. And, it provides information and challenge for people to consider moving into some sort of missions assignment home or abroad, long or short term, from their careers.”
Malwitz says if people can’t travel to Charlotte, you can check opportunities at Finishers-dot-org. “We have a new feature on our web site where mission agencies post their top needs. We have about 90 urgent needs posted. So, people can just see here’s the range of opportunities in missions and have their own conference right on line.”

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