The New Testament released in India has the potential to reach millions.

By January 27, 2004

India (IBS/MNN)–International Bible Society (IBS) hopes demand keeps pace with high hopes stemming from a launch late last year.

The recently translated Braj New Testament has the potential to reach 15 million Braj speakers with God’s Word in their contemporary language.

A team of 25 translators began work on the New Testament in 1994, completing the project in 2003. IBS expects its New Testament to be well received by many Hindu scholars.

IBS President Peter Bradley said, “Because Braj is a Sanskrit language, this New Testament appeals to Hindu scholars.” Bradley continued, “The Braj New Testament marks a new day in the study of God’s Word for Braj speakers.”

The IBS Group Vice President for South Asia stated, “We praise God for His precious gift of the Holy Word in the Braj language.” He continued, “We believe this translation will lead many people to the saving knowledge and hope for abundant life found in Jesus Christ.”

Braj is the mother tongue of Krishna, worshipped by the Hindus. The release and dedication ceremony took place in the birthplace of the Hare Krishna movement that began in the early ’70s.

One thousand copies of the Braj New Testament were distributed on the day of the release in late 2003. In just two days, 1,000 more copies from the first printing of the Braj New Testament were distributed. Based on those numbers, believers hope the continued distribution keeps pace.

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