The peace effort in Sudan is threatened; Christian radio proclaims the peace of Christ.

By August 12, 2004

Sudan (MNN)–Fresh helicopter attacks on Darfur are threatening to sideline Sudan’s peace efforts.

The humanitarian crisis continues to grow, and the US is concerned at the slow pace the Sudan peace process is taking.

According to Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung, the people are war-fatigued, but looking toward the hope of peace. “They’re very hungry for that to happen. It’s close enough that I think the hopes of most Sudanese people are raised that peace may be at hand, but it’s still not yet a reality, particularly in the West. So , that now seems to be the lynchpin holding up the final ratification.”

Sudan is under intense international pressure to rein in marauding Arab militias, known as Janjaweed, and has less than three weeks to show the U.N. Security Council it is making progress toward disarmament in Darfur.

DeYoung says while instability in the west is a problem, their teams have seen a demand for more ministry. “The primary listeners are in the South, but we’re heard throughout the country in Dinka and Nuer. We are working on increasing our daily broadcasts in Nuer later this year, from 15 minutes every day to 30 minutes every day. The Dinka will continue to be at 15 minutes per day.”

Despite the unimaginable persecution Sudanese people have endured, the church appears to be growing faster in Sudan than anywhere else in the world. Continue to pray that these people would remain open to the Gospel and respond.

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