The race to saturate Haiti with the Gospel picks up steam.

By October 17, 2003

Haiti (MNN)–From OMS International’s prayer requests comes this report on the evangelistic work in Haiti. Through Men For Missions, the laymen’s arm of OMS, teams move closer to meeting their goals in “Operation Saturation”. The project is a movement to ensure everyone in Haiti has access to the Gospel through broadcasts picked up on fixed-tune radios.

The “Every Creature Crusade (ECC)” committee met with the ministry leader to see which of the areas where Operation Saturation has done radio distribution are most ready for an ECC team to enter and minister. Some do not have an evangelical church in the area, and they need wisdom as they place their next team.

Even so, the people are responding to the Gospel. Word is that 13 baptisms were held this month, eight at Gaudin, and five at Bayeux, the first baptism for this ECC work that began in February. Pray that each will stand firm in their commitment to the Lord.

Men For Missions asks believers to intercede for the country of Haiti, that the ongoing unrest, economic problems, and other social stresses would serve to strengthen the believers and cause the churches to grow. In addition, the government of Haiti plans to make Voodoo their official religion by 2004.

The next phase of the project comes with the necessary approvals for expanding the ministry of Radio 4VEH, as well as the financial backing for day-to-day operations.

The next partner station is to be on the Southern peninsula, where 4VEH now reaches only the area around the shore. The building is up, and now they’re waiting for the container with the studio equipment to arrive by ship from the U.S. Pray for its soon arrival. Its delay will cause a major chain-reaction.

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