The rumble of war threatens peace in the Congo.

By May 21, 2004

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN)–The Democratic Republic of Congo is on the brink of sliding dangerously back into war.
Aid agencies are preparing against an expected return to fighting in the volatile east, which could lead to a widespread humanitarian disaster.

A shaky peace accord seemed to be holding, but increasing divisions in the transitional government are bringing the spectre of war into the picture.

Due to five years of fighting, resources are scarce, and a crisis could be next. The survivors barely emerged from the last war, which involved at least six countries and killed more than three million people, mostly civilians who died from hunger and disease.

Grace Ministries International’s Jim Molencamp says while trouble may loom, their team felt confident enough to go for a special conference.

This is significant because church leaders have been unable to meet for the last six years. “As peace is being restored in Congo, the Grace Church leaders have called for a general conference to be held, at Kama, May 15-24, when, as a group, we attempt to deal with the past, and plan for the future.”

Sam Vinton, Jr. is teaching a course on Hermeneutics and Dispensational Theology this week, and also holding seminars for the gathering church leaders.

It’s critical timing for church leaders. Molencamp says this is one time where they desperately need encouragement and training. “They’re working at the grassroots level with the average Congolese who has had their lives torn apart. Often, they haven’t been able to farm because it’s been too dangerous, and so they’re left with nothing. The church has been the one thing that’s been a constant in their lives.”

Teams took in a new songbook and three other booklets that have been printed for use at the conference. Please continue to pray that security and peace will be restored in the country.

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