The safety of Christians is unknown in Kashmir, believers are asked to pray

By October 12, 2005

Pakistan (MNN) — Three days after the devastating Kashmir earthquake, relief efforts remained chaotic despite huge aid pledges. Hope is also fading for those trapped in flattened towns and villages. However, Christians remain optimistic.

Mission India of Grand Rapids, Michigan is one such group, despite their uncertainty. Mission India’s Dave Stravers says they have ministry partners in the earthquake region. “The city of Bardamula is the main Indian city closest to the epicenter. It’s an extremely difficult area to work. And, we expect to get word later in the week, regarding how they have been hit, if at all, by the earthquake and what the needs may be, which we expect to be substantial.”

Despite the uncertainty, Stravers is praying God uses this disaster to open up a very difficult area of the world to ministry. “All of the evil dynamics of the ethnic-religious tensions are here in this region as well as the political tensions between two nations. And, often Christians are caught in between and yet, Christians are willing to step out, to take a risk and will show their love to people and that’s what we’re praying will happen.”

Stravers says, however, it won’t be easy to equip national believers to help. “We’re even hearing that relief supplies that have been sent there are being highjacked along the way. It’s just an area of lawlessness.”

Mission India is asking Christians around the world to pray for a moving of the Spirit in this region. Stravers says prayer for the safety of Christians living there is also important so that they can be the foundation of future ministry in the region.

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