The story of Christ in 24 languages at the World Cup

By June 29, 2006

Germany (MNN) — With the teams for the quarter-finals set in the World Cup, Christians are almost giddy about that chances they’ve had to share the Gospel since the games began.

Director of the Jesus Film Project Mission Trips Vance Nordman says they produced a special version of the film just for the World Cup. “It’s a pretty unique DVD. It has two films on in. It has a film called “The Prize” which has some footage of soccer players that are Christians and some of their action footage and then some of their testimony about their faith and then it has the Jesus Film on the same DVD.”

However, that’s not the only unique thing about this production, says Nordman. “It has 24 languages on it. To my knowledge I don’t know of any DVD has ever been anywhere by anybody with 24 languages. It took a little bit of unique creative programming to make this happen.”

According to Nordman, their goal was to expose people to the Gospel who may not otherwise hear about it back home. “We did distribution at the game with Saudi Arabia/Tunisia game. And, at the Angola/Iran game. Both of those would be closed countries that are very difficult to do anything inside the country. The Iranians, some of them actually came back and thanked us and told us we were doing a good job, or get copies for their friends.” Nordman says his team actually ran out of DVD’s at that game.

While this outreach was good for their team, Nordman says it was equally as good for German believers. “I feel like this has been a great opportunity for people to come together. And, to really take a step of faith in a way they haven’t done and I’m hoping that they’ll be able to follow up on these contacts.

Pray for those who received the DVD. Pray that they’ll watch it and a seed will grow in their heart and eventually come to know Christ.

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