The thirst for the Gospel in Thailand grows.

By October 13, 2003

Thailand (MNN)–A recent Book of Hope distribution in Thailand revealed students there starving for God’s Word.
Thailand was originally the nation of Siam. It borders Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Myanmar (Burma), so it is a strategic jumping-off point for the Book of Hope to reach millions of children.

This year, teams have asked for the Book of Hope for 500,000 students. Pray that each one who received the Book of Hope will also become a missionary to their friends.

There are over 14 million children in Thailand age 14 and under, which is a vast mission field. The literacy rate is around 93%, so when BOH gets the books to the children, they are able to read them.

Almost all the population claims Buddhism as their religion (95%), with Islam coming in a lagging second place (3.8%). It’s estimated about 1/2 of 1% of the people are Christians.The door is open, and God is at work.

It is critical that BOH print and ship the remaining books in the next few weeks to meet the goal. It takes just 33¢ to get a book to a child in Thailand. Every dollar reaches three students with the Good News!.

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