The vision for spreading hope along India’s tsunami zone grows.

By September 6, 2006

India (MNN)–72 Every Community for Christ (ECC) evangelism teams are planting new churches on a regular basis.

OMS International’s Rich Yoder says their vision is to see these churches grow along the southern coastal region near Chennai. “We do train our ECC church planters and evangelists to do discipleship training. It’s a very important part of what we do and what we expect church planters to do. When they establish a local church, they will begin Bible studies and discipling new believers.”

Their team is actively involved in helping people return to normalcy after the December 2004 tsunami. However, Yoder shares one prayer need. “The greatest obstacle to the Gospel would be the leaders of the faith that don’t want to lose their disciples and their temple taxes and sacrifices and so forth, because it does mean some economic assistance for the leaders of these other groups.”

With God’s help and protection, ECC teams evangelize through door-to-door visitation, tract and Scripture distribution, open-air meetings, the JESUS film, children’s meetings, Bible studies, youth camps, training seminars and more.

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