There’s a mix of spiritual interest in the Netherlands, missionaries optimistic

By August 30, 2004

Netherlands (MNN) — People in the Netherlands are just like any other in the world they want to know the answers of life. As the demographics change, their questions aren’t changing. Recently a newspaper article asked that question and according to Chris and Teri Chapman of Greater Europe Mission their answers aren’t surprising.

Teri says they asked people what they’re most curious to know about, “And, the number two answer on that was, the purpose of life. So, there’s a lot of people that are really seeking and they just want to know what is life all about and why am I here. It’s just a matter of us connecting with those people.”

The Chapmans are working at a small church just north of Amsterdam. Teri says when they began working there they had a congregation of about 60. Now they’re up to about 100. “And, a lot of those numbers are people that are not yet believers, but are looking and are asking questions and they’re coming.”

But, the largest field of outreach is among the Middle Eastern community, says Chris. “Typically, people who are not native to the country are more open to the Gospel because they’re out of their own home environment and surroundings. I’ve had a lot of contact with Muslim people. We know that they’re there and we’re trying to find ways to connect with them right now.”

Teri says it could be tragic if they don’t find a way to do that. “We’re going to see it taking over society. People from those countries are tending to stay in their clusters and not integrate into society. And, I think we’re going to see that becoming more and more prevalent and their ideas taking over.”

By the year 2020, half the student population will be Muslim. “One thing that we would like to see in our particular area is to have someone come along side us on the team that has a real heart and passion to reach to that population. Somebody that has some special training in the area of working with Islam and understanding how move into that culture.”

Pray that God will call someone to work in this area.

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