There’s a ‘New Sharia law’ in Nigeria’s Zamfara.

By April 29, 2004

Nigeria (MNN)–There’s a new Sharia law being implemented in Nigeria’s Zamfara State.

Lawmakers introduced a package of new laws that could be seen as hostile to Christian interests. One section states that all businesses will have to shut down during the five daily Muslim prayers.

In a second phase, the government is threatening to shut down all unauthorized places of worship. While believers there pray about what to do next, Christians in neighboring Abuja celebrated a new tool.

The Bible League dedicated the New Hausa Standard Version. The new Bible is a revised edition of the 1932 Union version, the only complete Hausa Bible translation available in the native language of sub-Saharan Africa’s largest people group.

Due to the language’s dynamic nature–it changes and evolves over time–some of the Hausa used in 1932 is now archaic, making a new version necessary, said the Bible League’s Executive Director for Africa Ministry.

They’re praying it can be used to reach Nigeria’s young people with the Gospel, in spite of a growing push toward Islam.

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