There’s a window of opportunity in a new Sudan.

By May 11, 2005

Sudan (MNN)–Following the much accorded peace deal in Sudan’s South, expectations are high.

The military committee had its first meeting Tuesday to discuss the implementation of the peace accord that ended two decades of war in the south.

Bible League’s Joseph Owens says their team echoes that sentiment. “There’s a lot of optimism in Southern Sudan as a result of the peace accord, so there’s a lot more people going into Southern Sudan right now assessing the situation on the ground there. You can see that there’s a lot more activity along the border.”

Owens says because the peace deal is holding, their teams can move around. The timing is important as he describes a recent discovery. “As we started to work in Southern Sudan, we found inventories of Bibles in Kenya and Uganda that were not being distributed–tens of thousands of Bibles just sitting on pallets and needing distribution.”

It’s also a tragedy. Owens explains that this find means that even though materials were available, due to the war, “For probably over 20 years, not many Scriptures have gone into southern Sudan.”

Remember to keep Bible League workers among the tribal groups before the Lord so they would not grow weary in their work. Pray too, that God would protect their teams as they evangelize and disciple seekers in a changing, and sometimes challenging, environment.

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