Thousands of Leaders Trained in China

By July 16, 2004

China (MNN) — A radio seminary is seeing an increase in the number of students joining their training program.

Since the beginning of 2004, the number of first-year students enrolled in Trans World Radio’s Seminary on the Air (SOTA) course has climbed to 567 from across China, and brings the total number in the curriculum to about 1,500. In addition, those leaders are tasked with training at least two second-line leaders each, meaning that at least 4,500 first and second-line church leaders will receive hands-on training within the next several years.

One student says, “Through listening to Seminary on the Air, I came to know the truth of the Bible more fully. This led to a better understanding about my faith.” Another student writes, “I live in a rural village, and although my day is hectic, I set aside time to listen. I try not to miss the program because I need the Word of God to equip myself.”

This year, TWR-Northeast Asia plans to train 980 house church leaders, distribute 500 SOTA resource libraries, establish five audio reproduction centers within China and revise four SOTA modules.

Pray that as a result of the training, many people will not only turn to Christ, but that they’ll grow in their faith as a result of the training these believers are receiving.

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