Three new radio stations are on the air in Romania, funding needed

By August 15, 2005

Romania (MNN) — More people in and around Romania are now able to hear the Gospel on the radio. Little Samaritan Mission announced that they’ve opened three more radio stations in that country.

Little Samaritan’s Florin Pindicblaj. “(We opened) one in Piatra Neamt, one in Nirlau, and one in (the) northwest which is covering northwest parts of northwest Romania, Ukraine and Hungary. This radio station in Negresti and combined with these two major cities and people and it’s covering a half-million people who never had access to a Christian radio station.”

Pindicblaj is excited about that possibility for outreach. “It (has) a great impact. People are hungry. We see thousands of lives coming to know Christ. They are addicted to this. They say, ‘we can’t imagine our life without the radio.'”

$15,000 is still needed to pay for the rest of the transmitter in one city. But, they also have two more licenses. That means they still need $40,000 to put two more stations on the air. If the money isn’t raised, they’ll have to do something they already had to do. “I was forced, because of lack of funds, to give three licenses back. It was very expensive to build those radio stations, so I (gave them) back to the government.”

That would mean people in five areas of Romania will never hear the Gospel on the air. Pray that funding will be raised and that Romanians will get involved in the work. If you’d like to help be part of this, follow the highlighted link above for contact information.

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