Translators work toward finishing the Nepali Bible.

By August 27, 2004

Nepal (MNN)–There are concerns that Christian workers face a growing threat in Nepal.

Just this week, a former missionary with Gospel For Asia was murdered, and another was kidnapped by Maoist rebels.

Evangelistic work has faced hardship before in this Hindu kingdom, but not on the level that has been seen increasing in recent months.

Despite that, the World Bible Translation Center’s translation team is nearing completion of the Nepali Bible. Church leaders throughout the country face a need for the full text in their language.

Five years ago, WBTC released the New Testament, and it was then that they saw the need for the Old Testament as well.

However, the low literacy rate and lack of literacy programs in local languages may pose a challenge in ministry.

Teams are working in advance to help prepare people to receive the Bible. Pray for the Nepali Bible translation in progress by WBTC, which will reach the majority of their population.

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