Transportation still a need as CRI collects resources for believers overseas.

By February 2, 2006

USA (MNN) — Christian Resources International is remembering the tragic death of one of their workers a year ago. 27-year old Jason Eldridge died in a car accident in January last year while he was transporting books to CRI’s headquarters in Fowlerville, Michigan.

CRI’s Fred Palmerton says they miss him and have prayed and visited his family often. But while they miss him, the work’s not done yet. “We’re excited to continue Jason’s ministry and we want to complete his last load. And we want to do that by providing the funds for transportation. We need good, reliable transportation for transporting books both in state and from surrounding states. Right now we have to depend on borrowed vehicles.”

The mission of CRI is to provide used Christian materials to pastors and Christians around the world, and a transport vehicle makes perfect sense in helping accomplish their mission more effectively. “We collect books from all over Michigan and the United States, and a lot of those are sent to us. But if we had reliable transportation at our disposal, we could generate a great deal of inventory.”

They are constantly receiving letters from people across the globe requesting materials for ministry, says Palmerton, and so with a vehicle, “We could collect more and more material and get them back to our facility in a timely manner. And the need for our used Christian books from this country is great.”

To meet that need, Palmerton says they recognize the need for a vehicle, and is asking for your help. “We’re estimating that we’ll need at least 25,000 dollars to buy, insure and maintain a truck or a trailer or have enough money to contract for the best and safest transportation for a year.”

Palmerton says it’s about resourcing believers overseas. If you have a used transport vehicle in good condition, or would like to help contribute financially to the purchase of one, contact Christian Resources International via their information listed below.

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