Travel warning for Indonesia

By May 25, 2004

Indonesia (MNN) — Police and security has now been bolstered at death threats have been issued by extremists.

Australia’s government joined the United States in reissuing travel warnings for Indonesia following information that uncovered possible terrorist attacks were being planned against Australian and other western targets.

In response to the threat, Indonesian police rushed a joint taskforce of 230 soldiers in for protection. An embassy spokeswoman says, “We have advised non-essential staff to leave the area.”

In a review of its travel advice, Canberra’s Foreign Affairs Department warned that Australians in Aceh — scene of a separatist uprising — should leave and those in Ambon — torn by sectarian violence — should consider leaving. “We continue to receive reports that further attacks are being planned against a variety of targets, including embassies, international schools, international hotels, churches, shopping centers, transport hubs or identifiably western interests, including businesses,” the department said in a statement.

Muslim/Christian violence has plagued that nation, which is considered the largest Muslim nation in the world. There’s no word on how this will affect missions work in the region.

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