Tribal believers in Papua New take stand

By September 1, 2004

Papua New Guinea (MNN/NTM) – The death of a fellow clansman gave Christians in Papua New Guinea a chance to share their faith last weekend.

According to New Tribes Mission, several young men from the same clan died recently in a small village. According to tradition, the clan wanted to perform a ritualistic pig sacrifice to purify the ground upon which the clan lives.

Raymond, a Simbari Bible teacher and a member of the clan, pleaded with the people not to do the sacrifice, giving testimony of his faith in the shed blood of Jesus. He told his fellow clansmen that he wanted nothing to do with the sacrifice.

Sunday, while most of the community attended the pig sacrifice, the believers met together and rejoiced in the power of God. The meeting lasted three hours and afterward the people were slow to leave, their hearts being heavy for those who are rejecting God’s Word.

The incident has stimulated the believers to want to start more Bible teaching classes. They want their friends and families to know the Savior.

Pray that the Simbari believers will stand strong in the face of opposition and give clear testimonies of their faith in Christ.

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