Tsunami relief tops 20-million

By July 12, 2005

Asia (MNN) — Baptist World Aid, the relief arm of Baptist World Allilance, reports that BWA partners raised more than $20 million for the relief efforts of last December’s Indian Ocean tsunami.

However, BWA’s Paul Montecute says years of continuing recovery work are needed in the area. Many believe the recovery could take decades.

Montacute also spoke of “silent tsunamis” of death from HIV/AIDS and from famine in sub-Saharan Africa, and of deadly persecution of Christians in places like Sudan, Uganda and the Congo. Baptists must help, not only with funds, “but by taking political action,” he said, and by sharing the Gospel.

BWA is doing just that, but not just in disaster areas. For the month of June Baptist World Aid has helped:

Africa: Rwanda for Rehab of Coffee Plantation/Cyimbili – $9,037.70, UEBR Gisenyi Town High School – $3,634.14, AABF for Conference Expenses – $1,520, Congo for Tools for Numbi Camp – $1,500, Nutrional Center – $5,000

Asia: India for Manipur B.C. Good Shepherd English School – $10,000, Cambodia for Well Construction & Rice Distribution – $13,000

Europe: Belarus for Minsk Seminary – $5,000, Uzbekistan for Children’s Camp – $4,500, Chechnya for Flood Relief for Grozny – $4,000; Hunger Report Bread for the World – $5,000.

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