Two are better than one, in the case of strategic radio ministry partnership

By June 1, 2005

Puerto Rico (MNN) — Grace Ministries International has broadcast Christian programming through radio airwaves to the people of Puerto Rico for a number of years.

Seeking to make their outreach more effective, they decided to join forces with a sister ministry, Calvary Evangelistic Mission. GMI’s Sam Vinton says of the partnership, “We just felt that this is a good way to be more efficient and work together to get out the Gospel. And they are doing that and have done that for so many years, very evangelistic, outreach ministry.”

The two ministries are broadcasting from the cities of Juana Diaz and San Juan, and Vinton says, together, “They are doing a ministry of trying to reach the whole island as well as neighboring islands next to Puerto Rico.”

The combined experience and personnel now at these radio stations adds greater effectiveness. But, Vinton says prayer is the key to it all. “I believe the great need of prayer is that the Holy Spirit will use the Word of God that’s given out all these many hours each day to touch the lives of people.”

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