TWR Broadcasts impact Northern Vietnam

By April 29, 2004

Vietnam (MNN) — Missionary radio is having an impact on church growth in Northern Vietnam.

Trans World Radio programs have been well received by listeners in that region. A pastor from that area contacted TWR staff in Southeast Asia and requested that they supply him with teaching materials and radios for his congregation. His church was planted in 1992 with only 27 people.

Today the number has increased to nearly 200. The pastor told TWR staff that with radio, he and his congregation are able to listen privately to the radio broadcasts and learn about God’s Word each morning. It’s illegal in Northern Vietnam for people to gather openly to worship God.

The TWR-Southeast Asia staff also was encouraged to learn that two Vietnamese boys, sons of a military colonel, heard TWR’s programs and received Christ. As a result, the colonel also has become curious and now listens to TWR’s broadcasts.

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