TWR Europe welcomes 30th partner

By December 20, 2005

France (MNN) — Trans World Radio is celebrating a new partnership in Europe. “Trans World Radio – Europe has just welcomed its 30th partner and it’s near Lyon (lee-OHN), France and it’s called Radio Colombe,” says TWR’s Mariellyn Dunlap.

Radio Colombe covers the largest area of any Protestant radio station in France and according to Dunlap they hope to do even more. “They are attempting to reach out to a lot of people in France, especially with a new network they’re going to be starting next year. They’re going to be combining with as many protestant FM stations as they can around France in an attempt to cover the whole country with Christians radio broadcasting.”

TWR is supporting their work by coming along size Radio Colombe with finances and expertise. Dunlap says, “We hope, in some sense, along the way that they’ll start reaching outside their borders as well as within.”

Typically TWR helps local ministries develop programming that would eventually air on their radio stations around the world. Dunlap says, “This really is the first local radio station that we have partnered with, so this is kind of a new experiment for TWR-Europe. In the past we’ve mainly used short-wave, (but) we are increasingly using more medium wave, FM and the new digital radio.”

Pray that God will use Radio Colombe to touch the hearts of many who listen to music and programs to point people to Christ in France.

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