TWR reached the Romani people in Serbia

By February 16, 2006

Serbia (MNN) — Gypsies in Serbia have a new Christian radio program thanks to Trans World Radio and Christian radio listeners in the United States.

Last month, a new weekly 30-minute program in the Serbian Romani language began airing for Gypsies in Serbia. The new program is called Shalom Romalen (Peace to the Roma.

A 2005 TWR-sponsored trip to Serbia with several Christian radio executives resulted in this project. That prompted Blount Communications to support the program through a radio campaign.

Around 14,000 Romani live in Leskovac alone, with about 100,000 in the whole region. Shalom Romalen is aired on five FM stations, while several more local stations in the region are also expressing a desire to air it. The production team, consisting of members from the Romani Protestant-Evangelical church, also desires to air the program on medium wave (AM) so the wider Romani community can be reached.

TWR-Serbia and Montenegro, TWR�s partner in Serbia, built a small studio and provided training for the production of Shalom Romalen. An additional part of the project is the distribution of solar radios to the local Romani population so they can hear God’s word in their own language.

Pray that as they listen they’ll hear the Gospel clearly and eventually turn to Christ.

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