Typhoon Nock Ten menaces Guam’s shores, threatening a Christian radio station.

By October 20, 2004

Guam (MNN)–Its name means ‘bird’ to the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, but its approach is anything but gentle.

Typhoon Nock-ten is menacing Guam’s shores. Trans World Radio’s KTWR station manager, Chuck White says the storm stalled southeast first, which is bad news for the Pacific island. “When a typhoon stops, it does basically one of two things. It’s either going to intensify vastly, or it’s going to do a sharp change of direction. They don’t know which it’s going to do.”

White says neither of the options is good. At this point, the storm is forecast to have maximum sustained winds of 115 mph. The force of winds could be damaging to the nets that form TWR’s antennae field in Guam.

However, since a 2002 super-typhoon tore KTWR’s antennae curtains to shreds, they’re better prepared this time. “If you’re going to have a natural disaster, Guam is a good place to have one. I think all of our staff have generators, we have auxiliary water; like I said, we’re experienced with this. The best thing that can happen is for this storm to just go on its way straight way and stay out of our lives.”

The station is currently on the air. The hope of Christ is broadcast from Guam to northeast Asia. Please pray for the Lord’s protection over the staff and equipment at Guam.

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