U-S Christians praying for revival this weekend

By February 4, 2005

USA (MNN) — Life Action Ministries and Revive Our Hearts is sponsoring a one-hour Saturday morning prayer teleconference meeting. It’s called, “Seeking Him Together. This is the second such prayer event that will be held the remainder of the 12 week “Seeking Him” revival study.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss, director of Revive Our Hearts will be one of the hosts for the live event. They’ll be praying with a special focus on the nation, the church, the family and individual hearts.

The goal of the prayer effort is to ask God for revival in the church across the United States.

Evangelistically, DeMoss says as revival will have a huge impact. “When we’re healthy spiritually, then a sign of that is going to be a passion and a love for the Gospel and for Christ. So, I believe there’s going to be a great personal effort to take the Gospel to the furthest reaches of the world as the hearts of God’s people are revived.”

If you have a desire to seek the Lord with others who are burdened for revival, you can join this National Tele-Prayer Meeting at 10:00 AM (eastern-time) by simply calling in the United States at 1-866-406-5413 and the listener pass code: 876 265 #. The prayer meeting will be cast live via the Internet at their newest website: www.SeekingHim.com. If you are unable to participate during this time, the meeting will be archived at that site as well.

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