Uganda terrorists don’t faze missionaries.

By June 7, 2006

Uganda (MNN)–The Lord’s Resistance Army, one of the world’s largest rebel groups, beleaguers Uganda.

As of late, top leaders of the guerilla army are still hiding in north-eastern Congo. Their waged war has displaced over 1,5 million people in northern Uganda.

By international accounts, children have been targeted by the LRA, often abducted and turned into ‘child soldiers’. Recent estimates show that nearly 90 percent of the LRA fighters are enslaved children

The World Bible Translation Center is helping to support believers working there in the refugee efforts after two decades’ civil war.

These missionaries have been going into the refugee camps to preach, provide supplies, Bibles, and encouragement.

Their teams also have an opportunity to provide Bibles to all the teachers in Uganda. They are equipping the children of Uganda for the spiritual warfare that surrounds them by providing God’s Word to teach and guide them.

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