Ukraine key to reaching the world for Christ

By July 20, 2004

Ukraine (MNN) — Missionaries interested in reaching out to people in creative access countries are heading to Ukraine to set up operations. The Association of Christian School International’s Dan Egeler says Christian education is a key part of equipping believers to make that happen.

“Missionaries are finding that this is a good beachhead where (they can) set up operations that can reach out into countries that are perhaps a little more restricted access,” says Egeler.

However, that means other challenges. Egeler says, “Just like any other circumstance when you have a beachhead, you’ve got to have a base of operations. And, one of the key areas that missionary families grapple with is educating their children.”

That’s why these missionaries started ‘New Hope Christian School’ 10 years ago and now they’re seeking accreditation through ACSI. Egeler says, “They are now changing their name Kiev Christian Academy and really have the potential to be the flagship schools in Europe, but it’s in Eastern Europe. And, they are going to be the leading edge, I think, of what’s going to be happening in terms of the missiological effort throughout Eastern Europe.”

However, Egeler says the school will have a profound impact on non-Christians before missionaries head to the field. “Quality English speaking education (with) a moral basis, we’re not even talking about necessarily a Christian education, that from a seeker is incredibly attractive internationally. So, you’re going to have seeker families that don’t understand a Christian perspective, but yearn for that, and will enroll their children in a Christian school and as a result their kids are led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ,” says Egeler.

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