Uncertainty in Japan makes people even more open

By October 19, 2006

Japan (MNN) — U-S Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice explicitly reaffirmed America’s commitment to the defense of Japan, amid growing fears of North Korea’s nuclear capability. Rice was in Japan to help ease tensions. As the uneasiness grows among the Japanese people, it makes evangelism fertile ground.

The JESUS Film Project isn’t letting the tensions detour them from work in Japan. In fact, JESUS Film’s Jacqueline Celum says they want to provide assurance by providing the story of Jesus, but they have a need. “I’ve got a team going to Japan in December and I do not yet have a full team. And, we have several team leaders that do not have full teams for their trips.”

According to Celum this is an incredibly needy mission field. “The Japanese people are one of the biggest unreached people group. Their people group has less than two-percent believers. In fact, they have .07 percent that are Christians in that country.”

Celum says they need three or four more people to complete the team. “Japan is not a difficult place to go and work. We’d have all the amenities they could have at home. It will be in December so wearing warm clothes would be important, but we will be in the financial district in Tokyo giving out DVD’s.”

Despite the fact that there are few Christians, the team has one thing going for them. “The Japanese people really like black Gospel music. I don’t know why. But, in the DVD we hand out not only is there the JESUS Film on it, but it’s more interactive and it includes black Gospel choirs and singers.”

They need to have commitments within the next two or three weeks. Cost of the trip is $1,500, plus airfare. Go to our website for details and sign up information.

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