Uncertainty in Lebanon may lead to open hearts

By March 2, 2005

Lebanon (MNN) — Lebanon’s president is forming a new government after the Syrian-leaning cabinet resigned suddenly after thousands of Lebanese took to the streets. They did so to protest Syria’s occupation and political control of their beleaguered country. They also blame the Syrians for assassinating their former Prime Minister Rafik Harari.

Despite the unrest, Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung is traveling there today. “We’re involved in radio broadcasting throughout the Middle East and we have a production facility where a number of things go on in Beirut. We haven’t heard of anything that would negatively impact broadcasting or Christian witness there.”

That’s good news for believers who use Lebanon as a base of ministry. DeYoung says, “The changes that may be coming politically may create a more attractive atmosphere for some Lebanese Christians, many of whom left in the last 20 years with all the turmoil that was there before. Maybe some of them would be inclined to return.”

As far as the broadcasts are concerned, prayer is needed. DeYoung believes anxiety will influence people there. “That kind of uncertainty would be expected among many of the people who listen in that part of the world. That might be a real opportunity that the spirit might use to enter people’s hearts and to direct them toward Christ.”

In the mean time, pray for Words of Hope’s Arabic ministry. Meetings are taking place this weekend that could make a difference in what they’re doing in the region. Pray that as a result many will turn to Christ.

Airtime is expensive. Words of Hope could use your help in getting Christian programming on the air not only in Arabic, but eight other languages around the world.

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