Unreached tribe now reached with the Gospel

By December 26, 2003

Republic of Congo (MNN) — It’s a plan that’s been in the works for only a few short months. But, now because of the dedication and sacrifice of two men a Pygmy tribe in the Republic of Congo has now been reached with the Gospel. The story is quite amazing when you consider this group has never had access to the outside world.

They’re known as the Babangu people. Dwald VandenBerg and Roffin, a Congolese Pastor walked into the northern jungles of Congo to minister to these people, who still live in trees.

Hope Builders International helped fund the trip. HBI’s Johan Gous says VandenBerg was able to call out of the region by satellite phone to give news that was beyond anyone’s expectations. Gous says, “The marvel of God answering our prayers was when the first people came to Christ was in fact the chief and his family. This meant that the door to the Babangu people opened up to us very widely.” He says, “The chief sent out runners to the other villages telling them that he was sending Dwald and Roffin with them and that they needed to listen to this story that was being told.”

According to Gous there are about 4,000 Babangu people. He says they were able to communicate through Roffin, who spoke a dialect that the Babangu people understood. Gous says most of them attended one or more of the meetings. “At the end,” says Gous, “About 200 people attended a seminar for people who wanted to know more about Christ. Of those they have taken 30 that they are discipling and they are spending a lot of time with, teaching them.”

Hope Builders is celebrating the news, but help is still needed. VandenBerg mortgaged his home in order to fund the trip. HBI is asking Christians to help VandenBerg pay off his debt and help fund the Babangu ministry.

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