Unregistered religious activity in Turkmenistan is still illegal.

By June 3, 2004

Turkmenistan (MNN)–The political situation in Turkmenistan, says Bible Mission International, a Muslim dominated country, has forced the church to meet in the underground.

Unregistered religious activity remains illegal in Turkmenistan. More than ten weeks after the president reduced the number of members required to register a community from 500 to five, no new communities have yet been able to register.

That’s despite a presidential decree abolishing criminal penalties for worshipping without state approval. The ban on unregistered activity in the religion law has not been amended and Article 205 of the Administrative Code, which spells out fines of up to ten times the minimum monthly wage for leading or even taking part in unregistered worship services, remains in force.

Despite being oppressed, the church is alive. Pray that the spark will not be extinguished, but that the few Christians there will stay faithful to the Lord, will be able to continue to meet together, and grow spiritually.

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