Unrest in Haiti not stopping short term missions

By December 23, 2003

Haiti (MNN) — Violence that hit the impoverished nation of Haiti may be temporarily halted. Haiti’s President Jean-Bertrand Aristide urged political rivals to adopt a compromise settlement proposed by the Roman Catholic leadership. However, opposition leaders say it’s just Aristide’s attempt to cling to power.

More than 30 people were killing and dozens injured in political violence and clashes between demonstrators and police since September.

The week of violence isn’t stopping the work of Men For Missions, the layman’s voice of OMS International. They continue to send short term workers in Haiti. Men For Mission’s Bill Evans says, “Although we’re still very careful, our field missionaries do let us know exactly what they know and they help us to determine if they should be more focused in just working at the OMS compound in Cap Haitian. So, it hasn’t deterred any teams at this point. In fact we have our next team going in December 29th.”

Haiti has been hit with a miserable economy, lack of food, and many Haitians face utter desperation and lack hope. Evans says their Operation Saturation program, the plan to distribute solar powered radios to the Haitian people, could be the way to renew that the hope. Evans says, “Their only hope is Christ.” However, he says radio may be the only way to do that.

He says, “I think with the tremendous illiteracy rate that exists in the country, really the only way to reach them with the Gospel is through their ears. And, so the radios are a phenomenal blessing in that regard.”

Men For Missions is asking people to help. $30 provides a radio to the Haitian people. Evans says, “People are coming to Christ every day because of the radios. We estimate that each radio will reach approximately 21 Haitians. That’s about three families.”

They also need more people who are interested in helping with radio distribution.

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