Unrest in Lebanon could lead to more chilling problems

By December 25, 2020

Lebanon (MNN) – After the port explosion, a crashing economy, and social unrest, Lebanese  face an even more terrifying prospect – the potential for civil war.

Nuna* with Triumphant Mercy says that amidst the unrest, there are reports of ambassadors leaving, and other countries calling workers home. People are concerned that  continued upheaval and dissatisfaction could lead to something more serious than demonstrations.

“You have some people who are demanding change, but you have also those who are in power that don’t want the change to happen, because first their corruption will be exposed,” Nuna states. “So they don’t want anyone else to be in the government.”

Religious Opposition

After the blast, government rivals played the blame game, each denying culpability. Political factions have not come to a consensus on what is best for the country and its people, which has left Lebanon without effective leadership.

A Church in Beirut after the port explosion (Image Courtesy of Triumphant Mercy)

Loyalties run deep but Nuna says that unlike the United States, political alliances don’t come through parties. “It’s not about the Republicans or Democrats or the Free Party. It’s always about the Sunnis, the Shi-ite’s, the Christians. It’s always religious. All the wars in Lebanon have been religious, so far.”

The prospect of religious war is terrifying. Many people have experienced great loss this year and don’t know how they could weather more storms.

“People are so afraid. And everywhere I turn, every person I talk to, they’re just afraid of what’s going to happen,” Nuna says. “They’re already economically drained. They already have no way to get money, and they can’t get the money out of the bank. And there is no work. So they’re already in a very bad situation financially [and] economically. On top of that this struggle, the political struggle, is putting a really heavy burden on everyone.”

Struggling to Find Hope

People continually tell Triumphant Mercy that they don’t have any hope. They feel alone and deserted. Nuna says that while her team does not know what the future holds, they know they do not face it alone.

Nuna says that Triumphant Mercy constantly reminds people that God has not deserted them. He is very real and very present. “It dawns on them, you know, like, this realization that, ‘Oh, I didn’t think about it this way. God is with me, and I’m not alone.’

“So the Gospel is now this anchor that people hold onto. Every sentence, even if we say one sentence, like, ‘God has not left you. Jesus is still there. He loves you.’ Whatever it is, they just hold on to this, because there’s nothing else now. And there is no hope in any government. There is no hope in any human solution.”

While the situation is not one they ever would have asked for, Nuna is grateful that Christ is working through Triumphant Mercy during this time. People are learning of the hope that comes through Jesus Christ, and it is sinking in.

Offering Tangible Aid

Triumphant Mercy also had the opportunity to go into people’s homes over the last few months with practical aid. Because of the global Church’s support, they could offer help to people who had lost everything. This not only provided for external needs, but offered a way for Triumphant Mercy to share the Gospel.

Triumphant Mercy Food Bundles for Families (Image Courtesy of Triumphant Mercy)

Nuna says, “I just want to say thank you to all who have donated, to all those who have given whatever they have given. It was used, whether it was in repairs, or in food, or in psychological health, just taking people in and bringing psychologists, or with medicine, or with something which has been used just to help people. So I just I’m so grateful for the worldwide Church that has been working through us.”

Pray for Lebanon

Nuna asks for continued prayers and support. The threat of civil war creates challenges for daily life and ministry. Please pray for Triumphant Mercy as they share the hope of Christ with those struggling to put their lives back together. Pray that God would soften hearts to His message.

Nuna also asks for prayers for the government as well as judicial and economic systems. Pray for lasting change that would create peace. She also asks for prayers for the international community to have wisdom and help the Lebanese people achieve stability.

“So we just pray that God would really intervene in miraculous ways. Otherwise, this internally, there are no solutions. We have to have an international solution. So this is my prayer. And this is what I’m calling people to pray for.”

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*Name changed for security purposes.

Header Image Courtesy of Triumphant Mercy.