Unusual connections, unlikely donations=renewed vigor in ministry.

By September 25, 2006

Ethiopia (MNN)–Christian Resources International recently got an unusual donation.

They got a set of 30 choir robes–an unusual gift, to say the least. CRI also got wind of a church in Ethiopia in need of new choir dressing.

The Nazareth Misrak (East)
Meserete kirstos church is located about one hundred kilometers from Addis Ababa. They have 2000 members and four choirs.

One church leader writes, “One of them (choir) has used the same choir dressing for many years. [The robes] are about worn-out. At this time, you sent us quality choir dressing.”

This choir is now proud to serve their worship community in crisp robes. CRI serves the body of Christ by sharing their resources in order to support the Gospel everywhere.

If you want to donate books, Bibles, funds or more unusual items, click here.

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