Update on radio ministry in Indonesia.

By October 18, 2006

Indonesia (MNN)–In a story we reported last week, we told you that Back to the Bible’s radio station was seeking the local government’s approval to operate.

Last week, Back to the Bible’s Mark Blowers said, “The interesting thing is that because it’s such a heavily Muslim area these council members are almost all Muslim and so the chance of this being approved from a human perspective is almost nil.”

But today, Blowers says while it was touch-and-go at first, there’s good news regarding their petition. “It actually has been approved and all the paperwork has been signed.”

That’s the biggest hurdle. He goes on to say, “We won’t actually receive the certificate until the end of 2006. Once we have that, then there is no recourse for any of those opposed to the station, and there is opposition to the station.”

Their staff has maintained good focus despite uncertainties. “We’ve had people demonstrate in front of the station,” explains Blowers, “saying ‘you’re not legal, you can’t do this.’ But we’re functioning under the law.”

The granted license is credited only to saints on their knees in prayer. “This is obviously God’s doing because this place is 99-percent Muslim. To be able to broadcast the Gospel along with other programs that are going to help the people is just an answer from God.”

So far, the station has seen incredible response. The staff received over 10,000 letters in their first year. It’s obvious God’s Word is having an impact and people’s lives are being changed.

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