Veterinary medicine opens doors for an audio Gospel project in Uganda.

By August 5, 2004

Uganda (MNN)–Audio Scripture Ministries is helping with a veterinary medicine project in northeastern Uganda.

The people follow an agricultural bent, but have a history of violent, armed conflicts. Competition for scarce resources, particularly water and pasture, and the high value placed on cattle have produced a culture of raiding and warfare within which men are noted for their bravery and their wealth.

Men marry with cattle and historically bridewealth “prices” have been very high. Young men have a powerful incentive to establish their reputations and build their own herds through mounting raids on other pastoral groups.

Fighting these traditions has proven a huge obstacle for those in ministry. ASM found a unique ministry helping them with their livestock. That has opened doors for the formation of a ministry meeting both livestock needs and presenting the Good News in audio.

30 TapeTalk2 players will be shipped during this month. Training and distribution are slated to begin in September.

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