Victims of child labor are coming to Christ.

By November 11, 2003

India (MNN) — Statistics vary, but there are approximately 40-60 million child laborers in India. 11-million of them are in extremely abusive situations. According to Mission India of Grand Rapids, Michigan they’re seeing many of them attending their Children’s Bible Club meetings.

MIssion India’s David DeGroot. “These kind of kids pop up on our Children’s Bible clubs, often. They’re often able to sneak into our clubs in the evening hours,” says DeGroot. He says, “Some of them literally have to sneak in because their handlers, in some cases their slave masters, don’t want to release them, but they find ways to get into our clubs.”

DeGroot says overall their Bible club program is growing at an incredible rate. He says, “(Complete) statistics aren’t tabulated yet, but we printed 3.2 million sets of materials and they all went out.” That mean more than three million young people participated in their Children’s Bible Club program.

DeGroot says reaching them is important. “Almost half of India’s population is now children. You could almost say that India is a nation of children and these kids are all growing up. And, in just a few years these are going to be the leaders of India and these children need to be reached.” A 20-dollar gift can help 20 children hear the Gospel.

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