Vietnamese believers eagerly await new Bibles.

By November 17, 2003

Vietnam (MNN)–Government officials in Hanoi gave World Bible Translation Center the nod to print and distribute its translation of the Vietnamese New Testament in Vietnam. This marks the third time a Communist regime has allowed World Bible Translation Center Scriptures to be distributed.

The World Bible Translation Center is in the final stages of the printing and distribution of 20,000 of the Vietnamese New Testament in Vietnam.
According to WBTC’s Richard Loh, “This new translation of the Bible is a modern translation that uses modern, contemporary Vietnamese language.” The primarily Buddhist country has a population of 80 million and is home to an estimated one million professed Christians. Word of the translation has gotten around the Christian community, and believers are eager to see it.

Ask God to bless and multiply the Center’s efforts to get the Word out in Vietnam. The New Testaments will be distributed at WBTC’s discretion among registered churches all over the country. A source in Vietnam reports nearly 800 registered churches are meeting there.

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