Violence in Bolivia is hindering a child’s ministry.

By October 20, 2003

Bolivia (MNN) — 68 projects are currently on hold in Bolivia. That’s the word from Compassion International’s Bolivia communications specialist Djanira Blanco says, “The project have been closed (last week), because of the safety and security of the children.”

Violent clashes continue in Bolivia, even as word spreads that the president of the poorest South American nation will resign. A nation-wide strike and road blockades have brought the country to a standstill. Blanco explains what’s happening. “There’s no work, there’s a lack of opportunities, and next month I think that we will have a hard time (supporting our program) in our country. And, obviously the children are the most affected.”

Blanco believes that they’re experiencing this situation for a very specific reason. She says, “There is a lack of leadership in my country. There is a lot of corruption. There are no morals.”

Blanco says many children are coming to Christ through their child sponsorship program, which is important to her country’s future. “We are teaching them about God’s love, about principles and love. So, we believe they will be the future of our country. They will be the next president and the next leadership, not only in the country, but in the church and also in their families.

Even more child sponsors are needed now. Blanco says, “poverty has increased since this political problem (which started months ago). We really need more sponsors to help our children.

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