Vision moves closer to reality for a ministry in Mexico.

By July 21, 2004

Mexico (MNN)–The lack of education, poverty and no life skills all play a role in a rise in the criminal rates.

Women are facing the highest risks. especially in Mexico, because they are the most likely to live with all three factors. Add to that a high recitivism rate, and therein lies need.

YUGO Ministries is responding to that need. Their vision is for a ‘half way ‘ house. ‘El Faro’, or ‘Lighthouse’ has a mission to provide a nurturing atmosphere for women recently released from prison. It’s a place where lives are reshaped by the hope of Christ in the transition from prison to society.

That vision is a step closer to reality with YUGO’s recent $30,000 purchase of land. The owners are willing to allow the ministry three years to pay off the $24,000 balance.

In the meantime, there are plans underway to add a second story. The property is big enough to accomodate growth too. They have space for three more bedrooms and a classroom.

Ministry teams will also work with the University of Tijuana to provide internships for resident counselors for staff, and who will be able to provide counseling for the women.

Please pray for more building teams, finances, staff and guidance for this outreach.

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