War looms over Israel and Lebanon.

By July 13, 2006

Israel (MNN)–Israel is responding to Hezbollah’s actions as ‘acts of war’.

Hezbollah militants are accused of kidnapping two Israeli soldiers, prompting military response from Israel in southern Lebanon.

Their retaliation is causing a deep international concern, prompting a call to both sides to resolve. However, Israel and Lebanon continues to answer one another with deadly force.

Open Doors’ Carl Moeller agrees that it’s a volatile situation. “Any massive military movement into southern Lebanon would really re-shuffle al of the political cards in that deck. Anyone’s guess is good for what could happen if Israel’s full military mobilizes into Lebanon.”

The escalating uncertainty is causing notable alarm among the Christian communities. Moeller urges believers to stand in solidarity with the substantial Christian community in Lebanon.

Their concern? They’re reliving the nightmare of a potential religious civil war. Moeller says “The Christian population has a long-standing large presence–but it is a decreasing minority–pray that the church would take up its rightful role as the bringers of peace.”

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